TRENDe-tatts Personalised Temporary Tattoos is now live!

I am so excited that my dream is finally becoming a reality. For months and months I have been telling my kids, family and friends that I am ‘working’, however with little tangible proof to show people, it felt hollow. That is all about to change!!

I am ecstatic that all my hard work is now a real live website that people can navigate themselves, read the pages and see the pictures that took me days to put together. People can actually order a product and tell their friends about something that is now real.

I am so proud of TRENDe-tatts Personalised Temporary Tattoos and I have my kids to thank for providing the opportunity that produced the need, which created the idea. Thank you both. I love you very much.

About Raelene Jackson

An effective blend of mother and professional that has created TRENDe-tatts; an affordable, practical way to keep your loved ones that little bit safer.

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