” What a fantastic product you have!  These could very well save lives.  Very grateful, from an extremely happy customer.”  Kel, Qld, June 2016

“Thank you so much for your assistance.  You were so prompt in getting back to my enquiries and did an astonishing job in meeting my short deadline. I recieved the tattoos yesterday less then 48hours after placing the order, and they look amazing!!”  Connie W, Brisbane, June 2016

“My skin is so sensitive & I react to most things, normal bandaids, insect repellent, most washing powders and soaps … the list goes on. It seems that my little boy is heading down that road so I decided to test the tattoos on myself before applying them on him. I wore the tattoo for 3 days (yes it is very durable!) and was surprised to find no marks or irritation over that time or after it was removed. My order is done and now I can rest easy that he’s safe on both counts.  Thank you TRENDe-tatts.” Happy Mum, Brisbane, May 2014.

“Thank you so much for such fast service. My boys love their latest order. I’ve recommended you to all my friends.” K. Arnold, Fadden, NSW, April 2014.

“Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous tattoos I ordered from you.  My kids love wearing them and they are so clear to read.” LC, NSW, January 2014.

“Wow! What a great idea and it works! While travelling alone with my 3 and 4 year old children through busy city airports, carrying luggage and no spare hands, my mind was at ease knowing my mobile number was displayed on a trendy personalised tattoo that my children helped design. The kids were happy to wear their creations and I was happy knowing that I could quickly and easily be reunited with my kids if they managed to wander off while I was distracted with car hire and flight check in procedures. We all loved the tatts and they lasted for more than 7 days.” Sheradine, Griffith, NSW, June 2012.

“I have been working as a security officer in shopping centers for the past 10 years and we average 1 lost child a day and up to 2 lost elderly people a week. It is often very difficult to find out the persons details whether it be a child or an elderly person, due to the high level of distress they are encountering. Children generally only know their parents’ names as Mummy and Daddy making it difficult for us to locate their parents and some elderly have difficulties in remembering names and phone numbers. Our jobs would be made a lot easier if we could quickly and easily identify the person and their emergency contacts details.” Stan, Senior Security Officer, VIC, January 2012.

“I was sent some of your samples for my daughter with sensitive skin and they worked wonderfully. She loved the fact that she was able to wear something like her sister. Thankyou. I cannot begin to explain how she reacted to this new break through for her.  I nearly cried when she said there was no itching and when we removed them there were no marks. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. It is so hard to find products for her to use.” Felicity Jubb, Thornlands, QLD, March 2011.

“Great idea.  This would be good for students with allergies going on camp and students with disabilities…ideas are endless.  I will be passing this idea along.” Tracey Douglas, Principal, Biboohra State School, QLD, Dec 2010.