Safety Tips

Tips to Help Keep Your Loved One/s Safe

It is a caregiver’s responsibility to keep their loved one safe, however here are some useful tips that may be of assistance.

  • Make sure your phone is charged and you have all relevant information and numbers stored, particularly when travelling interstate or overseas.
  • Take a digital picture of your child before you leave so you have a current photo and details of clothing.
  • Teach your child your full name so they can call out to you by name rather than Mummy.
  • Play games on the way there such as “What am I wearing? and  What do I look like?”. Remember they will be looking for you too.
  • Discuss who your safe strangers are. Police, security staff, employees and other Mums with children are good options.
  • Discuss what to do if you are separated. Do you stay where you are or identify a meeting place that’s easy to find in a crowd?  Then reinforce this throughout the day.
  • As soon as you think / know they are missing, REPORT IT. Find a person in authority who knows the location and can engage many resources quickly – every minute counts.

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