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Date of Review: 23rd November 2013
Product reviewed: TRENDe-tatts Personalised Temporary Tattoos
Name of advertiser: TRENDe-tatts

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The tattoos arrived within a standard envelope. Inside the envelope was a plastic sleeve with the instructions for use and the 10 temporary tattoos were inside a card like envelope for protection.


I am impressed with the TRENDe-tatts packaging and labelling. The tattoos are enclosed inside a small card that contains the TRENDe-tatts branding and contact details on the front and Application Instructions on the reverse.


Clear and simple instructions are included on the back of the card. The instructions are easy to follow. It also includes Removal Instructions (if necessary) and a warning ‘Do not place tattoos on irritated, broken or sun burnt skin’.

Suitable for:

There are a variety of colours and images to use when you design your own tattoo on the TRENDe-tatts website. You may choose your own wording on the tattoo however the tattoos have been designed to place on childrens’ hands with a contact name and number if by chance your child is separated from you in a crowded area. Suitable for festivals, markets, shopping centres or any other busy place or event. Any child of any age can wear this tattoo.

Quality of materials:

These tattoos do not look or feel cheap. They are easy to apply and the quality and colour is fantastic. The wording and phone number is easy to read.

Value for money:

The RRP of these personalised tattoos is from $14.50 for 10 tattoos. This is a highly reasonable price to pay for extra ‘peace of mind’ when out and about. You would not expect to put these on your child every day so they may last for several weeks or months.

Would you recommend this product and business to others?

I definitely recommend these temporary tattoos to all parents! I have never seen a product on the market like this before and although, as a parent or care-giver you would never rely on such a product when out and about, we all know that it can only take a split-second to be separated from your child, so this product is a back-up, just in case. The tattoos can also be used as personal emergency alerts suitable for teens, elderly people and adults.


When ordering the tattoos, I sat down with my 3 year old son to choose the design and colour. It was a big decision but he went with the blue astronaut design and the ordering process on the website was very simple. The safe arrival of the envelope was received within a few days and Mstr 3 was keen to open his tattoos right away. I explained that they are to be used in special circumstances as if he had his way he would wear one every day. I did explain the wording and the phone number on the tattoo and they have given me a reason to explain about being separated from mum or dad and what he is to do if this does happen. Since receiving the tattoos, we have used them on 2 occasions, to the local market and school fete. Thankfully we have not had any phone calls from a separated son but I love the concept of the product and will be definitely be telling my friends.

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An effective blend of mother and professional that has created TRENDe-tatts; an affordable, practical way to keep your loved ones that little bit safer.

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