Promotional Tattoos
(30mm x 45mm)


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Print your logo/artwork on a 30mm x 45mm tattoo.

To maximise printing space, choose the size that compliments the shape of your logo/artwork and crop any blank areas.  All artwork supplied should be checked for accuracy prior to sending. PDF, JPEG and PNG images are all useable.

By submitting your order, you agree with Online Purchase Terms that you have authority to print and are not breaching any copyright laws.

We offer the 4 most popular sizes and welcome small orders, however if you require another size &/or quantity please submit a Special Orders enquiry.


  • 50 tattoos           $0.94
  • 100 tattoos         $0.64
  • 200 tattoos         $0.59
  • 300 tattoos         $0.51
  • 400 tattoos         $0.47
  • 500 tattoos         $0.43
  • 750 tattoos         $0.42
  • 1000 tattoos       $0.39
  • 2000 tattoos       $0.36



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(30mm x 45mm)”