Product Information

No matter how careful you are, in a crowded area all it takes is a split second for your child or loved one to be separated from you. Kids and people with special needs get lost every day and are often so distressed that they can’t remember their parent or caregiver’s names, let alone their phone number. For someone in distress, every second away from a loved one can seem like hours.

That’s where TRENDe-tatts can help. Our “LOST: Loved Ones Safety Tattoo” range is bright, colourful and fully customisable. To design your tattoo, choose the shape, size, colour, picture and wording. This could include your name, phone number and any special information such as allergies or medical needs.

For greater flexibility try the “Write Your Own” range.  A unique shape designed for occasions when children are out with family or friends.  Apply the tattoo then write the phone number on using a permanent marker.  The ink won’t transfer through to the skin making them just as safe as the pre-printed range.

Our temporary tattoos are not just for kids.  Create a personal emergency alert suitable for teens, adults and the elderly, all designed to help them retain their dignity while providing peace of mind for their carers.

Designing your temporary tattoo is quick and easy! Just choose the size, shape, colour, picture and wording that you want and your order will be on its way within 48 hours.

Simply apply the temporary tattoo on your loved one/s before you leave and you can quickly be reunited with them.