My Top 7 Safety Tips for Keeping Kids Safe in Crowds

Brisbane EKKA is here again.  I think you either love it or hate it.  As a teenager I couldn’t wait for the rides, wood temporary-tattoos-Australiachop arena, animal farm, showbags and fireworks.  I would fight my brother and sisters for the pull out section of the newspaper and plan out my day, cramming everything in that I could.

Now, today, this year…… the thought of taking my kids to the EKKA is daunting.  They’re not ready for it and I’m not ready for it.  I’m not just responsible for myself anymore.  I have to know where two little people are and the EKKA crowds are brutal.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a complete sook. We have gone to plenty of crowded events including the local Pine Rivers or Samford show, the theme parks when it was crazy busy over school holidays and the Christmas crowds in the city to see the Myer windows.

But…we still aren’t ready for the EKKA. I know how the kids react in crowds and I know what they can cope with so I’m not going to put them into a situation beyond their limits.

If you are brave enough to venture out with little kids into the hustle and bustle of the EKKA, there are many different strategies you can adopt to keep loved ones safe. Individual circumstances will influence what works for you, however these are my top 7 safety tips to keep your loved ones safe:

  1. Teach your child your full name so they can call out to you by name rather than Mummy or Daddy.
  2. Put a temporary tattoo with your phone number on them so they can be reunited with you as quickly as possible.
  3. Take a photo of your child on your phone before you leave. This will help with details of clothing as well as what they look like if others are helping you search.
  4. Play games on the way there. “What am I wearing? and What do I look like?” puts a fun focus on important information without them realising. Remember they will be looking for you too.
  5. Discuss what to do if you are separated. Do you stay where you are or find a meeting place? Whatever your decision, remember to reinforce this throughout the day.
  6. Talk through who your safe strangers are. Police, security staff and other Mums with children are good options.
  7. Build in some quiet time to regroup, rest, check in with how the little ones are coping and adjust your plan if necessary.

What works for you and your family? Share your strategies with us here.

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An effective blend of mother and professional that has created TRENDe-tatts; an affordable, practical way to keep your loved ones that little bit safer.

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