Don’t Waste The Blank Space

No matter which size or shape temporary tattoo sheet you buy, you will always find some blank space that can be used to have fun and make some quirky tattoos.

All you need are some permanent markers and your imagination!

Make your own temporary tattoos

There are 2 different ways you can do this.

The first and easiest way is to apply the blank tattoo paper onto the skin and then write your words or draw your design onto that.  This is similar to the Write Your Own tattoos, except this time you’re starting with a blank space.

Home made temporary tattoos

The second way is to remove the protective layer from the blank space you have cut out, write or draw your design directly onto the tattoo paper and then apply this to your skin.  The paper will be sticky so try not to touch it as best you can.

Be careful here if using words.  You will have to write backwards and it can be trickier than you think.

Kids having fun with temporary tattoos

My daughter had a friend over on the weekend and they had a bit of fun with some off cuts I had.  Watching the girls try to write backwards was quite comical.  They thought they had it right, then put the tattoo on to find out it wasn’t!

Kids fun with temporary tattoo blank space

Whichever method you choose, you can have lots of fun with space that most people would simply throw in the rubbish.


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An effective blend of mother and professional that has created TRENDe-tatts; an affordable, practical way to keep your loved ones that little bit safer.

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