About Us

Raelene JacksonAs a new Mum, I had two kids in the space of 12 months. Everything was great until my eldest discovered his feet at 12 months, and then discovered he could run at 13 months. He wanted to explore the world … all at once … at top speed … and nothing was going to stop him. And the only way to catch him was to run after him, which was not easy with a baby in a pram.

I really wanted to take my kids to the theme parks, the zoo or even the beach, but I was paranoid I would get distracted and lose my son in the crowd.

I wanted a way to have my phone number on my child so that if he got lost someone could call me and quickly reunite us. Thirty minutes of him being upset was thirty minutes too long for me!

So, I thought about possible options. I considered wristbands – but I knew he would just pull them off. I didn’t want to write my phone number on my son’s arm with marking pen because I was worried about the ongoing effect of applying toxic chemicals on his skin. I also didn’t like the idea of putting a note in his pocket as a) he wouldn’t remember it was there, and b) I didn’t want strangers searching my child looking for notes.

I wanted something removable, but my son would just peel stickers off and play with them, so that wasn’t going to work either. Then, I finally thought of tattoos for kids. They didn’t have to be pictures. Why couldn’t I have temporary tattoos printed with my contact details, so all I had to do was apply the temporary tattoo? That was my light-bulb moment!

I hit the internet but couldn’t find anything that matched what I was looking for. I wanted kids safety tattoos that were colourful, funky, didn’t come off easily, and were personalised so I didn’t have to worry with markers.

So, I did more research to find the right designs, papers and colours to create my own custom kids temporary tattoos. Originally, I intended just to use them for my family and friends, but then I realised that there had to be other mums and carers having the same problems, so TRENDe-tatts Personalised Temporary Tattoos was born.

Both of my kids love their TRENDe-tatts and while they haven’t managed to get lost at any of the great places we go to now, you never know what the future will bring!

And my son… well, he’s still running, but now it’s on the soccer field.